SEBB Funding Case Study – Flair School of Dance

Flair School of Dance is a performing arts school which opened in 2002. Over the years they have worked hard to deliver a professional service to the families who come to them for their children’s lessons. At the start of 2019 they were fortunate enough acquire their own premises and expand the provision of classes that they offer on a weekly basis. Having started out with just 2 classes a week they now run well over 100 across a broad range of styles.

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Whether you are in the planning stages of a start-up, or you currently run an existing business, the experience can be described in many ways; exciting, daunting and perhaps even scary, but most importantly, it can be one of the most rewarding journeys you can undertake.


Running a business is hard work, there’s really no way of avoiding it, and for all the perceived glamour and over-night successes we hear about through the plethora of media platforms, the reality is often very different.

You will need to be prepared to work long hours, perhaps forfeit a regular, secure income and exercise extreme self-discipline in your approach; as at the end of the day, the success or failure is down to you. There may also be times you experience strain on your home and social life and feel isolated, all in the pursuit of a successful business.


Being in charge of a business also puts you at the helm of every decision that needs to be made. It’s a position of great responsibility and isn’t always a pleasant position to be in. Afterall, running a business carries risk and repercussions that you may not necessarily be used to.

It can also be very costly in time, money and learning curves, so it’s crucial that you do all you can to prepare for the journey and set your business up to avoid pitfalls.


Sadly, businesses do fail, and this can be put down to a number of reasons given by the owners. Bad luck, slow market, lack of finance, etc… all of which can indeed contribute to the demise of a business.

The number of UK business deaths increased from 288,000 to 357,000 between 2016 and 2017, a death rate of 12.2% compared with a rate of 10.2% in 2016.

Office for National Statistics


The good news is, that there are LOTS of problems that can be avoided if the correct knowledge and planning is implemented.

Some decisions you will have to make will be tough and cause you to question yourself, however some should be easy to make and provide you with increased confidence and certainty.

Just as an athlete prepares for a competition, an entrepreneur can maximise their chances of high performance and ultimate success through preparation, knowledge and planning, and the decision to obtain these assets should be one of the easiest decisions you will ever have to make.


On behalf of the South East Business Boost Programme, The Enterprise Support Alliance are delighted to be offering a series of fully funded workshops worth on average up to £2000, to help SME’s and start-up businesses in Essex improve their performance, gain free access to vital business skills and supply information to help take your business to the next level!


The workshops are located across Essex and cover a wide range of essential business topics from Finance, HR to Digital Marketing and IT skills and run up until the end of November.


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There is nothing to lose, but everything to gain.

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SEBB Funding Case Study – E. Christian & Company Ltd

EC Group provide fulfilment, handling and delivery solutions. They needed to install a pallet racking system to develop their new warehouse extension.

The unit was required to create additional storage and handling capacity to better service existing and new customers.

The whole project was calculated to cost £35,000 so the £10,000 grant support was invaluable!

In financial terms, we expect the capacity created to enable us to generate a minimum of £250k per annum. In addition, it will create between 2 – 10 new full-time employee positions!

E. Christian & Company Ltd

My initial reaction to the email was rather reserved – I expected an extremely onerous process and a massively complex qualification procedure – but in fact the whole thing was completely painless!

Chris Long
Managing Director, E. Christian & Company Ltd

SEBB Funding Case Study – Hoppily Ltd

Hoppily Ltd are an Essex-based monthly subscription service bringing the finest craft beers from local independent brewers to discerning beer-lovers. Over time, as reviews are evaluated, customers receive beers increasingly tailored to their own individual tastes. This is the magic of the Beer Algorithm!

Hoppily applied for SEBB funding to acquire the materials they needed to launch their service at local events. These materials included a gazebo, new product boxes for monthly subscribers and beer mats to help with advertising.

They plan to attend many events going forward so the gazebo will be working hard for the business during 2018 and beyond!

Hoppily Ltd

We illustrated the business case for the grant, filled out some forms and were quickly able to fund the materials we needed to launch our craft beer subscription service at local events.

I wish we’d asked for more money, I think we would have got it!

Mark Fenn
Co-Founder, Hoppily Ltd

SEBB Funding Case Study – 1 Env Solutions Ltd

1 Env Solutions Ltd. are a growing business from Southend. With two machines running full time they were struggling to meet demand and were desperate for a new machine to produce mouse and rat control boxes.

Easy grant application process

The grant application process was incredibly easy.
Put a few figures in, sign a few pages, provide some company history and the relevant documents and a few weeks later there’s the promised £10,000!

The new machine has eased the pressure and created two more jobs. We are now turning out a million mouse boxes, sending them to Europe and beyond.

1 Env Solutions Ltd

Local support from SEBB was very important because it helped balance the books.

The £10,000 Grant made such a difference because we’re a growing business. The money was promised and arrived straight after we’d supplied the evidence. Easy!

Mark Anderson
Accounts Manager, 1 Env Solutions Ltd.

SEBB Funding Case Study – Roo’s Coffee Cart

Becca and her partner, Ali, are passionate about great coffee and were experienced commuters. They saw a gap in the market to provide the best quality speciality coffee for people on their way to work in London.

After success with their Chelmsford coffee cart, the pair wanted to expand into Colchester. That’s when they found the SEBB website and applied for a grant.

But it was the day before the monthly grant review deadline!

Fortunately they need not have worried. Ali and Becca found the process so easy they completed and submitted their paperwork by 12 noon on deadline day.

Their submission was approved and they received £2,482.48 – 30% of the £8,274 it cost to buy the equipment that creates a luxurious black oak and brass barista experience. They’ve now taken on 2 members of staff too!

Roo's Coffee Cart

The grant process was very straightforward, we got our quotations and submitted our application for review.

It was so helpful to us as a start up because it is a big sum of money that was easy to acquire and gave us an almost immediate cash injection.

The ethos of help for the local economy also matched our own business ethics.

Co-founder, Roo’s Coffee Cart

SEBB Funding Case Study – CCE Group Ltd

Founded nearly 30 years ago, CCE Group Limited is an Essex based business that designs, fabricates and installs bespoke commercial kitchens and bars for the hospitality industry.

They wanted to purchase 2 faster, more reliable press brake machines – used for bending sheet metal.

Each machine costs over £30k so CCE Group applied for and received the full £10,000 of funding.

The new machines will offer more versatility and will greatly increase production, therefore growing the business and providing the opportunity to create 1 to 2 new employment positions.

CCE Group Ltd logo

If you haven’t applied before, it looks complicated but once we read the helpful instructions on how to complete the forms, it was quite straightforward. We asked for the full £10k and the money arrived within 2-3 weeks of gaining approval.

Ben Hossen
Group Purchasing Manager, CCE Group Ltd